We've All Been There

No literally, we’ve all sent messages we desperately wished to take back. That’s why we started On Second Thought, and why we’re passionate to make sure the chance to fix embarrassing mistakes is standard on every phone and in every app.

Over 80% of texting Americans use messaging in a professional capacity. Companies are making it easier to send money, confirm an order, or contact customer service via text. With more at stake in our messaging ecosystem, we want to update the user experience to match the new demands we’re putting on the medium.

Founded in 2014 after winning the #StartupOasis pitch competition at South by Southwest, On Second Thought has been recognized with first place finishes in the Women Who Tech Startup Challenge, IMA Startup Battlefield and Innovator’s Classic, sponsored by AT&T. The company’s patented technology has been praised by national and international press, and by grateful users everywhere.


Maci Peterson
Co-Founder and CEO

Stewart Voit
Co-Founder and COO

"What an app! This app is a game changer. Will never go back to the way I used to send texts. AWESOME!"
- D. Gotta

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